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Two things that have cheered everyone up recently are the appearance of some spring sunshine (among the snow showers!) and the Government’s COVID-19 easing of restrictions in England, which has seen pubs, hotels, cafes and restaurants welcome customers once again to their outdoor areas.

Of course, some outlets have been operating a takeaway-only service throughout the latest lockdown, but many chose to shut down completely for this challenging period and are only reopening now that the ‘rule of six’ applies, as more people start taking advantage of the chance to mingle with friends outdoors.

Elliott Hygiene co-director, Janette Elliott, said: “As the temperatures rise through April into May, we can expect to see a further increase in the number of customers visiting eateries, whether they stay onsite or take out their purchases to consume at a nearby park as a lovely picnic.

“So, if you are running such a business, now is most definitely the time to ensure you are well stocked up with suitable food and drink packaging to suit customers eating on the go, and, as always, our experts are on hand to guide and help you choose what best suits your needs.”

Browse our go-to takeout products

To assist you with choosing your takeaway and disposable items, we’ve pulled together some of our favourites in a new brochure.

We’ve included some of the most popular items in our range, such as reusable glassware, which includes tumblers, wine glasses and pint glasses that are all made of food-grade polycarbonate. These are perfect for outlets that have a licence to serve alcohol, and some lines are recyclable too.

And we’re delighted to introduce a fantastic folding box that transforms into a plate! This ‘premium burger box’ is made of cardboard so it can be easily recycled, and is spacious enough to hold a number of items such as a burger, chips and side salad. Janette explained: “This isn’t any ordinary box, it has been cleverly designed to fold out into what’s effectively a plate that can be placed on a table, a lap, or on the ground if you’re picnicking.”

We’ve also extended our packaging range with the addition of new, bigger sizes for cake boxes, giving clients the chance to create larger takeout options such as afternoon teas and picnic platters.

Janette added: “Some of our clients are thinking really creatively and offering more complex dishes that, with our help, can be securely and attractively packaged up for customers to take away and enjoy either outdoors or back at home.” (Keep an eye out for our forthcoming blog where we talk to one such amazing client, Barista UK).

Of course, many business owners – and their customers – prioritise their green credentials and prefer to use environmentally-friendly packaging. We can help with this, too!

There are more biodegradable and recyclable options than ever before, and although these items often cost a little more than standard packaging, you could see a return-on-investment in terms of your business reputation and repeat custom.

Tableware and eating utensils

Something else to think about as part of your COVID-secure takeout strategy is cutlery – as with cups, glasses, plates and boxes, this needs to be disposed of or taken away by the customer too. Again, we can provide a range of takeaway cutlery, including wrapped packs (knife, fork, spoon and napkin, in a sachet), and you can go green here as well with some options made of wood, and paper sachets as opposed to plastic ones.

“Our friendly team are always on-hand to advise clients old and new on their food and drink packaging, as well as broader hygiene management and supplies,” said Janette. “Our warehouse is very well stocked and if we don’t have your chosen products to hand, we can quickly order and deliver them to you.

“And don’t worry about prices – there really is something to suit all budgets and we can certainly advise you on how you can make overall savings while still meeting your business needs.”

If any of the above sounds like something you might need, take a look at our latest product brochure highlighting some of the options that are out there. Or, for a chat to discuss your individual requirements so that we can help you come up with a bespoke solution, please call us on 01482 327580 or email us.

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