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Packaging supplier scoops sustainability award

One of our key packaging suppliers Colpac, which is a UK food packaging manufacturer and designer that develops innovative packaging solutions. They state that their products are always about sustainability and that they balance this with product functionality to create sustainable food packaging solutions.

Their commitment to their industry and the environment has enabled them to achieve the highest possible level of BRCGS certification, a major sustainability award. 

The BRCGS Standard for Packaging Materials is viewed as a global benchmark of quality, safety, and legality for food packaging manufacture. It provides a robust framework for all types of packaging manufacturer in the production of safe and legal packaging materials, and to manage product quality to meet customers’ requirements.

Colpac’s AA+ BRCGS accredited rating demonstrates continuous and sustained achievement and is highly regarded by retailers and food service organisations. The audit covered its full product range, including those manufactured at Colpac’s factory, and those manufactured elsewhere.

Commitment to sustainability and our environment is high on our own company values this year and we aim to become even more sustainable during 2024 and beyond.

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