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A Sustainable way to clean everyday

An innovative alternative to traditional mopping techniques, a spray flat mopping system is the ideal solution for ensuring sustainability, efficiency and an exceptional cleaning performance for daily mopping tasks. 

A flat mop with an internal water reservoir and spray trigger, spray flat mopping systems are designed to work effectively with minimal water use, offering controllable moisture through spray jets at the base of the mop dispensing water directly onto the ground.

The Rapid Mop reduces water usage by 97% compared to mopping with a standard bucket, wringer and dolly mop, saving 7000 litres of water a year with daily use. Created as a quick and easy solution to daily light mopping and spill management, the Rapid Mop is a premium product that combines the cleaning potential of spray flat mopping with microfibre cleaning pads for ultimate efficiency. A light and mobile bucketless mopping system with 480ml internal reservoir and triple spray jets, the Rapid Mop is available with a choice of powerful and highly absorbent microfibre flat mops to offer an exceptional removal of dirt, dust, liquid spills and even bacteria, with only minimal water and chemical usage.

The Dual Mop

The Dual Mop is a high quality spray mopping system, with an extra innovative feature to deliver the ultimate in safe and efficient cleaning. Complete with a 480ml internal reservoir and triple spray jets, the Dual Mop allows the perfect amount of cleaning solution to be dispensed onto floors for cleaning, reducing not only the volume of cleaning wastewater that is produced but also leaving floors significantly drier after mopping. 

Ensuring your floors are always clean and dry could cut the risk of slip fall incidents by 90%. The Dual Mop takes an extra step to ensure floor surfaces are left as safe as possible after mopping. After cleaning floors with the compatible Microfibre Cleaning Flat mop, a durable mop offering an exceptional removal of dust, dirt, liquid spills and bacteria from floor, the head of Dual Mop can be easily flipped over to the Microfibre Drying Flat mop on the other side. This highly absorbent flat mop is capable of removing leftover water and cleaning solution with ease, perfect for rapidly drying floors after mopping or cleaning of spillages.

Limited time offer of £28.95 Dual Spray Mop Frame and Handle available now on our Website

Offer ends 28.2.2024

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